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Arrangements for September 2020 COVID Measures

Our plans for a full return of all year groups from Wednesday 2nd September 2020


As a school, we have put together a thorough risk assessment that details a number of measures that will be in place from September. These are designed to reduce the transmission risk of coronavirus. These measures include a requirement that people who are ill stay at home, robust hand and respiratory hygiene, enhanced cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and keeping groups separate (in ‘bubbles’) to minimise the number of contacts that a pupil has during the school day.


Lunchtime arrangements and Assemblies


Each Bubble will eat their lunch in their designated area. School dinner children will collect their food from the serving hatch and take it back to their designated area. Lunchtimes have been staggered to ensure that each ‘bubble’ are kept separate. Normal payment arrangements for school meals will be in operation. Whole school gatherings such as Assembly will not take place. Short, daily class worship will take place and a whole school worship will be held via Zoom delivered to the classrooms once per week.


Cleaning Procedures


Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures will operate. The children and adults will regularly sanitise their hands and toilets will be disinfected when a ‘class bubble’ has used them, before use by children from another ‘class bubble’. Tables and commonly touched surfaces will be disinfected regularly and items such as laptops, Ipads and Chromebooks will also be disinfected immediately after use. Children will have their own set of equipment such as a pencil, ruler and rubber. Children will sanitise their hands before and after choosing library books or books from the reading shelves. Hand gel will be used as the main method for hand sanitisation (as it is quicker) but handwashing will take place after toilet use and before lunch. Please ensure that your child has washed their hands before they set off for school.


Drop off and collection points


To ensure our procedures fulfil the Government guidelines, we have put in place separate drop off and collection points for each year group. The information below explains the procedure for each year group and we politely ask that you follow these instructions and share the information with anyone that may bring to or collect your child from school:


  • Please walk to school where possible and avoid using the car park.
  • Please do not arrive too early in order to limit the amount of time you spend waiting in the school yard
  • Each child should be accompanied by only one adult and please keep your child with you at all times whilst you wait.
  • Please do not try to enter school without an appointment.  If you have any questions please telephone the school office on 01282 861338 or email school.


The full risk assessment is available to view on the website. It provides further information about the hygiene procedures we have in place in school (pupils do not need face masks or hand sanitiser) and the process we will follow if a child becomes unwell. If you have any concerns or worries, then please do not hesitate to contact school.


Our Breakfast and After School Clubs will re-open on Wednesday 2nd September. All bookings for this provision must be made in advance and online using the Parentmail booking system. Simply log on to your account and book your child in the sessions you require.


The school kitchen will be open and providing free school meals to any child in Reception, Year 1 or 2 as usual. Children in Key Stage Two can order a school meal or bring a packed lunch.


The Snack Bar where children can purchase toast and a drink will remain closed for the moment and snack money is not required. You can, if you wish, provide a healthy snack for your child to eat at break time.


Drop off and pick up points for each year group







EYFS outdoor play area

EYFS outdoor play area


Year 1 door

Year 1 door


Year 2 door

Year 2 door


Will line up on the yard and be led into school by Year 3 staff

Will be led out of school by Year 3 staff onto the yard


Hall doors

Hall doors


Will line up on the yard and be led into school by Year 5 staff

Will be led out of school by Year 5 staff onto the yard


Main entrance

Main entrance


From September, in the event of a local outbreak, the Public Health England health protection team or local authority may advise us to close temporarily to help control the spread. We have made contingency plans that ensure remote education plans are in place for self-isolating pupils.


We will provide more information in the event of this happening.


These activities include a Home Learning Support Pack and Free Online Learning Resources which can be accessed using the links below.


Lancashire County Council


You might like to visit Lancashire County Council's home learning page at to discover great ideas for supporting your children's learning at home.


Lancashire Maths Team


The Lancashire Maths Team have added a Home Learning Page to their website.  Their timetable of activities including games, puzzles and skill sharpening activities can be accessed at


Discovery Education


You can access the service at by simply clicking the login box (top right of screen), choosing Espresso and entering the following username and password:


Username: student18005
Password: angels