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Creative Writing 'Wow' Week

A mysterious door appeared on the school yard. We didn’t know where it came from or where it lead to. When we went to look at the door, we found a bottle with a blank, golden piece of paper in it. Then a small bottle of glittery, blue  potion was left in our room with the sign ‘Use Me’. We asked Mrs Milne to come and brush the potion over the blank piece of paper and a map appeared! We realised it was a map of under the sea!


Then on Monday, a mermaid called Aquamarine came to our classroom and she was lost! She came through the door and had lost her map. We asked lots of questions and learnt lots about under the sea.  We then made our own story up about a mermaid who goes on an adventure and finds some buried treasure.


On World Book Day, Year 5 and 3 visited us and we read our favourite books with them and asked questions about their books. We all dressed up as our favourite book character and we shared our books with each other throughout the day. Some of us used our Book Nook area.