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Good Morning Year 1

Hi Year 1!

I hope everyone is well and having fun at home.

This week you have some English work all about Bunnies! There is a story about a bunny that belongs to someone called Emily Browne, and you will also write some information about bunnies.

You have some activities about the prefix un-, remember from Supertato and Stuck? Also, your spellings are words with the soft g or soft c sound.

I have set another handwriting task for you to complete, so log in to Letter-join to see that.

Your Maths this week is about measurements. You have some activities to practise comparing weight/mass, length/height, comparing time and capacity. Remember the units have to be the same size to measure properly.

I have had lots of emails from year 1 children and I have also rung a few people to see how everyone is. Charlie sent me some pictures of a toad he found at home and then set free at the reservoir. The toad was called Jeff. Arnie has sent lots of pictures of his work and fun times at home. Sebastian read The Highway Rat to me over the phone and he was brilliant!

Keep trying your best with Numbots. Every Monday, the top 3 children who have played the most minutes over the last week will have their names on a special podium on the Numbots section of the Home Learning area. This means there is a special certificate for 3 children every Monday so try your best!

Remember, I love hearing about all the things you have done so send me an email with pictures or videos if you would like to, and I may just put them on our weekly blog so everyone can see. is our class email address to send me any questions pictures etc.

Keep smiling and stay safe,

Miss Baines & Mrs Tillotson