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Good Morning Year 1

Good morning Year 1,

Well, we've made it to the last week of the school year!


It's been an odd year, and we have missed having you all in class together. You have all done brilliantly in the lock down, working hard and having fun with your families. I have loved seeing all the pictures of your work and activities, it brings a big smile to my face.


You have all worked so hard this year and Mrs Tillotson and myself could not be prouder of how well you all have done. 


So, 1 more week of working hard to practise your skills in English and Maths. Work hard and hopefully we can have something nice on Thursday to let you all see each other on Zoom. 


It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you Year 1, you have made us laugh and we all have good memories. Keep it up this week, and we will see you all in class or on zoom.


Remember, when you are in year 2, we are only next door!


Keep smiling everyone, we are nearly there!


Sending hugs,


Miss Baines & Mrs Tillotson