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Great Outdoors Day

Year 1 had a fabulous Great Outdoors Day. We all enjoyed a range of fun, outdoor activities. The weather was perfect. We started our day by getting into partners so we could draw round our shadows to see what happens to them as time passes. Then we got into our colour teams and showed great teamwork as we created our Nature Pictures using lots of different natural objects from around the school. After that we split into two groups. Some of us went for snack, milk and a cosy story-time with our favourite teddies. Miss Baines read us a story around our base camp! Mrs Tillotson took the other group to do some fun games. We played Eye-Spy, Pass the Surprise, Nature Chinese Whispers and the Hoop Pass – the Hoop Pass was very funny! Next we played Pass the Pine, then we used our bodies in different ways to make words and played Outdoor Hotseat. After lunch we made our own pretend campfire by collecting “fire wood”. We all sat to “roast” some marshmallows and have ice pops.


We finished our day by lying down in the grass, getting comfy and having a quiet story!