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Grosvenor Museum

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 3 went on their school trip to Grosvenor museum in Chester. The sun was shining and the children were very excited to learn all about the Romans. The day started by the children were greeted by a Roman Soldier and were marched (in replica armour) to the ruins of the Chester amphitheatre to take part in formations training. The children were shown lots of different moves used by the soldiers in the Roman army when in battle. Before lunch the children explored the Roman Galleries at the museum where they learnt lots of interesting facts about the Romans. After lunch the children had an information session with Phil from the museum. He told them all about the Romans invading Britain and even got some children to dress up as slaves, an archaeologist and a soldier! Before heading back to school, the children took part in a range of activities including looking at real and replica artefacts and learning all about what the Romans ate in the ‘Roman kitchen’.


We had a fantastic day and a big thank you to you all for your enthusiasm and excellent behaviour on the day.