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Hello Year 1

Hello Year 1

I hope everyone is still doing well and enjoying the activities we have set for you.

This week in English, you will be looking at The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. You probably know some of her other stories such as The Gruffalo and Stickman. Maths this week is about time.

Mrs Bebe is now going to check who has been on Numbots the most during the last week. The top 3 children will have their names on a special Numbots podium to show they played the most minutes in a week. Check the Numbots area of the school website to see if you were one of our top 3!

Keep going with Numbots, I am sending/making more certificates for those children finishing levels. Don’t forget to try the challenges! There are certificates for challenges too!

This week is a special week. This week I am celebrating my birthday during lockdown, so that will be interesting! I can’t have a party or meet up with my friends so I will have to have a fun day in my pyjamas at home!

Also, on Friday 8th May, it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. This was the day that World War Two ended for us in 1945. I have uploaded a PowerPoint and some colouring sheets so you can read about what a special day it was and colour some posters to display in your windows to celebrate.

Keep smiling and having fun with your learning,

Miss Baines