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Hello Year 2

Hi everyone!


I hope that you are still enjoying your time at home and having a really good go at all the home learning I set every week. I can’t believe the sun is still shining!


This week I would love for each and everyone of you to go on TTRS/ Numbots for 10 minutes every day. Mrs Beebe is going to be posting the winning class each week for the class who have been on the most. I would love it to be Year 2 this week!

In your home learning last week I asked you to complete some word problems using addition and/ or subtraction. See if you can solve these sent in by Euan and Jessica!

Here are two word problems created by Euan:

  • Jim had 42 chocolate bars. His dog ate 12 of them. How many did Jim have left?  


  • Bob kicked a ball 34m. Then he kicked it another 26m. How far did Bob kick the ball in total?

Here are two word problems created by Jessica (Marlene is Jessica’s cat!):

  • Tom has 34 sweets and gives 18 of them to Sam. How many sweets does he have left?


  • Marlene the cat catches 23 mice. She then catches another 12. How many mice has Marlene caught altogether?


Please keep sending me updates of what you have been up to at home using

Take care

Miss Moses