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Hello Year 6

Hello Year 6,


I hope you are all well and are keeping busy around the house helping your parents out. 

I am missing teaching you all and wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed teaching you all for the last couple of months. I cannot wait to see you all again and get back to making our marvellous mistakes and learning together.  Remember - our mistakes are marvellous because we learn from them. 


I have put some activities to complete on the Year 6 - home learning page and have included a timetable to give an idea of what you should complete each day. This timetable also tells you what pages of your SATs book to complete this week. These activities and the timetable will help give your days a little bit of routine and keep your brains active and ready for your next school in September. 


I would love to hear and see what you have been up to. If your adult allows it, please leave me your comments and any questions you may have on our blog. 

Continue to always try your best. I will hopefully see you soon. Keep safe and well.


Love Mrs Lamb