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Invertebrate Hunt


The children worked in pairs in the local environment to find, identify and name invertebrates. Each group took pictures of the invertebrates, so they could sketch and label them.


Lucas wrote:


On Tuesday, Year 4 went outside to find some invertebrates.


After a while, me and my partner set off to find some INTERESTING things. The first thing we saw was a fly, which was on a leaf, resting. Then we found a bee, which was finding pollen on a beautiful and amazing blue flower. Third we found a long and amazing centipede. On the photo that I took, you can just see its 100 legs. I know it has one hundred legs, because ‘cent’ means a hundred. Then we went over to a little hidden garden. Everyone was shouting “Have a look!” So me and my partner had a look. There was a little frog/toad. It was hiding from all the noise and we just took a photo of it.


Finally, Mr Doe called us over and we discussed what we had found and tried to classify them. We all had a fantastic time - I loved it!