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Legoland 2019

Legoland trip! 11th July 2019


Today we went to Legoland! We had a brilliant day and we were all so well behaved! After lots of singing and I-spy on the coach we arrived at Legoland and had a yummy jaffa cake snack. As we set off through Legoland we met Professor Brick, he showed us all how Lego bricks are made. We helped him get the machine working by stamping, jumping and waving our hands so he gave us a blue brick gift!


Then we went through to the Save the Princess ride! We had to shoot the bad Lego people and keep the princes safe. After the ride we all went in to the 4D cinema to watch a Lego Movie. We wore 3D glasses, it was even windy at points! The Lego toys sprayed us with “lemon-aid” that they were using to save their friends!


After the busy morning we sat and ate our lunch, we were all starving! This gave us lots of energy to go and explore the rest of Legoland. We all went in groups with our grown-ups and did lots of different things. We drove real Lego police cars, made Lego cars and did races, had a little party in the disco room, looked at all the interesting places in Mini-land, built buildings in the space room and chose our very own keyrings. We had a really fun time!