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Ofsted and Performance Data

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 


St Michael and All Angels was inspected by Ofsted on 24th and 25th May 2022 and had a SIAMS inspection on 14th June 2022.


The Ofsted inspectors found many positive strengths within the school and were pleased that the school is already making progress towards ensuring high quality teaching and learning for all children of St Michael and All Angels across all areas of the curriculum.


The school received “good” judgements in the behaviour and attitudes of the children, personal development, and early years provision.


The inspectors identified some specific areas of curriculum leadership that they acknowledged were under development, but at the time of the inspection required further improvement. We are confident that these improvements will be made quickly. However, as a result of these, and despite the overwhelming majority of the report being good, the overall judgement had to be requires improvement .


The SIAMS inspection judged the school to be good in the impact of collective worship, the effectiveness of R.E. and was judged to be good overall.


Key findings/quotes from the Ofsted report:


  • Pupils are proud to be members of this happy, calm and caring school. All are welcome. New pupils make friends quickly.”


  • “In subjects, including mathematics, english and physical education (PE), curriculums are well organised. Pupils remember important learning and achieve well. Leaders have placed reading at the heart of the school’s curriculum.”


  • “Leaders have considered how children in the early years should build their knowledge to prepare them for Year 1.”


  • “Around the school and in lessons, pupils behave well.”


  • “Most parents and carers have a very positive view of the school. They recognise the changes that leaders are putting in place to improve how well pupils learn.”


  • “Staff work closely with parents and a range of professionals to ensure that pupils with SEND are quickly and accurately identified. In lessons, staff make careful adaptations to ensure that pupils with SEND access the same curriculum as their peers.”


  • “Leaders help pupils with additional needs get the support that they need for their mental health and well-being.”


  • “Since the last inspection, senior leaders have taken determined step to improve how well pupils learn.”


Senior leaders were keen to point out during the inspection, that priority initially had been placed on ensuring the children were secure in key skills in reading, writing and maths (due to COVID) to ensure they can access the curriculum. Senior leaders had already identified the subjects such as music and computing, in which the curriculum needs to be more progressive and steps have already been taken. It was these non-core areas which led to the judgement.


Key findings from the SIAMS Report:


  • “The school’s distinctive Christian vision is shared and encapsulated by governors and leaders. Deeply rooted in the school’s context and biblical teaching, the vision is the source from which leaders draw their motivation. The tenacious and passionate headteacher embodies this inclusive vision. Every action which the school takes stems from a desire to see the vision fulfilled for every child and adult.”


  • “A vision-driven commitment to ensure ‘none walk in darkness’ underpins an inclusive curriculum which promotes character development.”


  • “Strong provision for emotional and mental health enables pupils and adults to feel valued and ‘shine as lights in the world.’”


  • “Every action which the school takes stems from a desire to see the vision fulfilled for every child and adult.”


  • “Pupils and their parents have a strong sense that adults within the school genuinely care for them.”


  • “The vision drives the school’s commitment to wellbeing for all.”


  • “The vision drives a wealth of support mechanisms to ensure that adults are able to thrive. Supervision, wellbeing days and opportunities to nominate a colleague for ‘shining their light’ all contribute to staff morale. Staff and parents speak highly of the approachable and attentive headteacher and deputy headteacher. They are appreciative of leaders’ encouragement and of the supportive ethos of the school.”


“As a result of the Christian vision this school is a bright and loving community. Here everyone is valued and every opportunity is taken to enable each person to flourish.”


It is obviously very frustrating for all, that despite the acknowledgement of the many good features of the school, the areas still under development resulted in the outcome of the Ofsted inspection being requires improvement, despite the SIAMS inspection being very good.


However, it must be said that, with the arrival of our new teachers in September that we will have a staff team in the school who are committed to providing the best education for the children of St. Michael and All Angels.


There were so many positives as shown during the attached “colour coded” Ofsted report where areas of strength are highlighted in yellow and areas for development are highlighted in green.




Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and both reports.


With the publication of these reports, now is the time to look forward with renewed vigour and continue our journey of improvement with new team members starting in September to ensure that the children of St Michael and All Angels Primary School receive the high-quality education that they deserve in a safe, caring and loving environment where all children are supported to reach their potential. We hope that you as parents will continue to support us.

 Please click on the link for the results of the parental survey January 2023.

Due to COVID, this data is from 2019.