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Stick in there everybody!


Dear Parent/Carer,


I hope you and all your family are keeping well. I just wanted to give you all some words of support and encouragement. Lots of families are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure by the current situation. This includes you as parents/carers trying to support your child with the work being sent home. I can appreciate this as I have my two sons at home and, on the days I am not at school, I am trying to complete my school work whilst trying to support them with their set tasks.


Please just remember:


1. This is not homeschooling. This is an unprecedented emergency on a national/global scale. Homeschooling is something you as a parent/carer you choose- it is planned for. This is at best distance learning. You are your child's primary educator. If you decide your child isn't going to engage with any work sent home or online, choose something else for them. There is nothing to feel stressed or feel guilty about.


2. I have the most wonderful staff that have been so amazing over the past weeks and we are all trying our best as a team to do the best for you and your child. However, we must bear in mind, we had no notice, no preparation time and are not going to plan lessons that we expect you to deliver- that is our job as teachers. If you are putting pressure on yourselves to do that, please stop. 


3. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work being sent home and are thinking how will I get through it all, you don't have to! Again, you choose. If other children in your child's class are completing more work, please don't feel pressure to compare. Your child will not fall behind. The work sent home is all consolidation and revision. If children could learn new concepts without specific, skilled teaching and guidance, we wouldn't need teachers! We are not expecting you to be!


We are in the process of setting up emails for each class where you as parents/carers can email the class teacher or me regarding school work. More information to follow.

If you are feeling stressed, remember you are doing great. You are loving and supporting your child/children through an exceptionally difficult time. Look after yourself and your children. Minimising stress is absolutely vital at the moment for everyone's mental health.


Take care and praying for you all,

Ms Richardson