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TT Rockstars and Numbots

This week two more Year 5 pupils, Forbes and Jamie, have achieved Rock Hero status – a huge round of applause to you both. Also, our school is now 3rd place on the local school’s leaderboard which is absolutely fantastic – well done to all of you who have contributed to this position!  Can we make it to 2nd place?  Let’s get TT Rocking!

Well done everyone - we are currently in 5th position on the local school's leaderboard.


Well done to Aaron and Lewis in Year 6 for achieving Rock Hero Status during Lockdown 2020!

The Rock Hero badges have been ordered.

School are so proud of you both!


We have made it into the TOP TEN of Local Schools - See the Leader board. Well done everyone!


Remember to log onto Times Tables Rock Stars at these times from Monday to Friday to play against friends in your class on ‘ARENA’:


Year 3                11:00 – 11:30        Mrs Coffey is Ace Lily

Year 4                11:00 – 11:30        Mr Doe is Todd Sanchez

Year 5                1:00 – 1:30          Mrs Beebe is Suzy Dukes

Year 6                2:00 – 2:30         Mrs Lamb is Willow Sixstrings


Challenge a friend from your class or another class by clicking on ‘ROCKSLAM’.


Check the certificates on the website each Monday to see if you have won a Times Tables Rock Star Award.


Mrs Beebe is keeping an eye on how many children from each year group are accessing TTRockstars and Numbots.




The top 3 children from each class who have played for the most minutes during the week will be published on the website.


Who will play the most minutes this week? 


TT Rockstars


The top 3 children from each class will get an award. Who will get an award this week?