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World book day



Model of a character

Year 2 created a book mark character of the cat Mossop, the main character of our class book, Mudpuddle Farm. We then used this to describe Mossop using adjectives and noun phrases. We had lots of fun making them and can’t wait to use them when reading.



A scene from a story using freeze frame

We role played a scene from the story of Mudpuddle farm. The children stepped in to the roles of different characters and explained what they thought, felt and how they might have acted to different situations.

A scene or setting read aloud through art

With Mr Phillipson, the children in Year two drew a picture of their favourite scene from the story. They read aloud to the class what was happening in the picture and explained why it was their favourite.



An illustration

The children annotated the setting of Mudpuddle farm with nouns and then described these nouns with adjectives. We then wrote these in sentences.

A character through ‘role on the wall’

We looked at the farmer in Mudpuddle farm. We discussed what he thinks, feels, acts like and says. We annotated a picture to show this.



Something new through reading

We looked at new vocabulary and phrases within the story of Mudpuddle farm. We described the meanings of these words as a class and used them in different contexts. The children then independently used these words and phrases in sentences of their own.



Teachers reading aloud/oral story telling

We have listened to different stories throughout the week of world book week. The chn brought their own favourite books in to school. Miss Dalzell read some of the stories, some children read their own stories and other children orally retold the story.